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"Music lovers and connoisseurs are not born, but become. To love music, you must first listen to it ... Love and study the great art of music. It will reveal to you a whole world of high feelings, passions, thoughts. It will make you spiritually richer, cleaner, more perfect. Thanks to music you will find new, unknown to you forces. You will see life in new colors and colors. " This statement by the famous Soviet composer Dmitriy Shostakovich fully relates to the goal of the musical clock cycle "Жанға дауа әуендер" - "Music of the Soul".

The amazing world of music for a young audience is revealed through various forms of mass work organized in the multimedia hall by the library's youth service department. Musical clocks, exhibitions, presentations are devoted to the life and work of outstanding composers, musicians of the world, to various musical genres, directions and styles.

The fund of the multimedia hall contains more than 500 music editions, books about music, disks, as well as vinyl records of the Soviet years, which are the pride of the RJL named after Zh.Bekturov .

We invite you to get acquainted with the magnificent music collection of the library!

We invite you to our musical clock! Become participants of unforgettable evenings about the beautiful, magical world of music! Plunge into the realm of enchanting sounds!


«Жанға дауа әуендер» - «Soul music»


"Marshal of the song - Soloviev-Sedoy".

To the 110th anniversary of V.P. Soloviev-Sedoy.

Location: Karaganda Regional Junior Library named after Zh. Bekturov, multimedia hall.
Number of participating readers: 12 readers
Purpose: To acquaint readers with the life and work of the outstanding Soviet composer of the 20th century, VP Solovyov-Sedoi. Enriching the musical culture of readers, contributing to the formation of a spiritually rich, moral creative personality.
November 8 in the hall of multimedia was the musical hour "Marshal of Song-Soloviev-Sedoy", dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of composer V.P. Solovyov-Sedoy. At the exhibition timed to coincide with this date, Vasily Pavlovich's books "Roads-Roads", "Vosiliy Pavlovitch Soloviev - Sedoy Memories, Articles, Materials" were exhibited. For readers, a review of the exhibition books was conducted, vinyl records "Vosiliy Soloviev-Sedoy", "Over Russia sky blue" were put for listening. In the musical hour students of the Institute of Language and Translation "Lingua" participated.




On January 18, at the musical hour "XVIII Usardy Music Music" it was a question of German classical music, which originated in the beginning of the XVIII century. Great composers of Germany Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Austrian composer Joseph Haydn became the heroes of the bio-bibliographic survey done by the presenter. Virtuoso works of authors were heard in the hall.



January 20, 2016, the musical hour "Forever young genius", dedicated to the Austrian composer and virtuoso musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was gifted extraordinarily. Mozart was born and lived in Austria, but his music, full of light, joy and beauty, knows and loves the whole world. Composer Anton Rubinstein called Mozart Helios - the god of the sun. At the musical hour they talked about the life of Mozart, his works and listened to - they listened to the outstanding creations of the master.


The musical hour "In every passing I see the worlds", held on February 5, was dedicated to the composer, pianist, conductor Sergei Sergeevich Prokofiev. Sergei Prokofiev started playing at the age of 5, in the autumn of 1904 he entered a conservatory at the Conservatory in St. Petersburg. He was a great composer, innovator, an extraordinary performer, he opened "new worlds" in music - in the field of melody, rhythm, harmony, instrumentation. Prokofiev's creative energy was truly volcanic. He worked quickly, boldly, tirelessly, trying to cover a variety of genres and forms: he wrote the most complicated works for adults and - children's music, created operas, ballets, symphonies, concerts, sonatas and suites, songs, cantatas, music for theater and cinema. The presentation presented to the audience reflected the milestones of the composer's life and creativity.



The musical hour "Music of the soul", which was held on April 13, was dedicated to Soviet music of the 70-80s of the 20th century. For someone, music of the 70s and 80s is an old waste rubbish, but for many it has become a classic, still exciting the hearts and souls of people of different generations. During this period in the USSR, under the influence of Western models, there appear bright original collectives, called VIA - vocal and instrumental ensembles, performing simple, easily remembered melodious songs. This - "Gems", "Funny Guys", "Flame", "Syabry", "Dos Mukasan", "Aray", etc. In the 70 years, the disco style was popular, in the early 80's there were new dance Genres like breakdance, hip-hop, techno, etc. For the Soviet Union, this was the time of vinyl records, reel tape recorders, "Svema" and "Tasma" films, etc.

The participants of the musical hour were told about the library stock of the library and gave an excellent opportunity to hear songs from vinyl records on an old but working record player.

In the hall there were songs by N.Tlendiyev, S.Kaldayakov, ensembles "Dos Mukasan", "Time machines", Alla Pugacheva, Rosa Rymbaeva and other singers, composers performed by artists of the Baizhanov Concert Association S.Bokhaev and A. Kulzhanbekov, readers and staff of the library. In those years, young people went to a disco (from the name of dance clubs of that time - "discothek"). Young people living in 2016 of the 21st century also arranged a disco in our library for the rhythms of the 70s and 80s of the 20th century.



November 22 in the library was another musical hour from the series "Music of the soul." This time it was dedicated to the memory of Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev, a Russian composer, pianist, teacher, the 160th anniversary of his birth is celebrated this year. The event was attended by students of the Humanitarian Technical College. Abai Kunanbaev, Saran, the college of foreign languages ​​"Lingua".

Employees of the Youth Services Department introduced the children to the biography and creativity of the composer, the students got acquainted with the exhibition, listened to the records and finally answered the questions of the cognitive quiz.