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On June 26 and 27 were held field seminars.

On June 26 and 27, with the purpose of raising the qualification of the librarians of the Centralized Library System of the Aktogay and Shetsky District, employees of KSD "Karaganda Regional Junior Library named after Zh. Bekturov", composed of Deputy Head O. Volkova, Head of the Information and bibliographic department Yartseva E.K., specialist of the department of youth services Zhumagulova M.T. Held field seminars "Кітапханалар аймақтық әлеуметті-мәдени кеңістіктің бір бөлігі ретінде" - "Libraries as part of the socio-cultural space of the region".

Yartseva E.K. made a report "Modern trends in the bibliographic service of users." The emphasis was on the types of bibliographic services, on the publishing activity of libraries for creating bibliographic materials. At the end of the presentation, a consultation was held on this topic.

In the program article of the Head of State "A Look into the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness," a number of programs were announced: "100 New Persons in Kazakhstan", "Туған жер", "Spiritual Shrines of Kazakhstan", which talk about the importance of popularizing local knowledge, Activities.

On the topic "Кітапханадағы өлкетану жұмыстарының маңызы",made a report a specialist of the youth services department Zhumagulova M.T.

In her speech, she presented the forms of work of local history subjects used in the RJL named after Zh.Bekturov . One of such events was the local history quest "Where? Where? In Karaganda! ", Which was held in the days of the Youth Book Week.

In continuation of the topic, Yartseva E.K. Told about the types of search game quest, the direction and method of playing the game. Then participants of the seminars were asked to compose a quest game based on local history material.

With the theme "Republican youth literary relay race" Caravan "BOTA". Creative playground "Әдеби алаң" was performed by Zhumagulova M.T. The presentation was accompanied by a presentation about the JIC BOTA. The employee of the central regional library, activist of the JIC BOTA Berikbol Amangeldin, spoke at the Aksu-Ayuly village of the Shetsky District.

Heads of the Centralized Library System were awarded certificates of participants of the Republican Junior Literary Relay "BOTA" Keruen "and symbols of the center - camels.

Volkova O.N. spoke on the topic "Project Activities of Libraries".

During the seminars, speeches were also made by the employees of the Centralized Library System of Aktogay and Shetsky Districts who told about their work.

CRS Shetsky CLS on June 26 held for the residents of the village fascinating Biblionight with various competitions, quizzes and rewarding the best readers, active participants of which were specialists from the RJL named after Zh.Bevturov.




On May 26, the regional seminar "Professional competence: a tool for achieving the goal"(psychological aspect) was held in the library.

The program of the seminar was diverse and rich.

The moderator of the seminar, deputy head Olga Nikolaevna Volkova gave the floor to the head of the library Nurgul Kalenova Kasymkhanovna.

Welcoming the guests, N.K. Kalenova wished all the participants fruitful and effective work, and then presented the first report of the seminar "Кітапханашының кәсіби құзыреттілігі – кітапханада тиімді қызмет көрсету кепілі", in which she outlined the problems of library professional competence, as well as the ways of their solution.

Then, the librarians became participants of the training "Librarian-psychologist: new horizons of opportunity", conducted by Beisembaev Gani Bektaevich, Vice-President for Regional Development of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Director-General of the International Education Center EDTECH-KZ.

Participants of the seminar took with great interest the speech of the eminent psychologist. For an hour and a half the librarians learned

 many interesting things. How to apply psychology in communication with readers? What is the difference between an extrovert and an introvert? What role does human adaptability play in his life? With pleasure we took part in training for concentration of attention. And this is not a complete list of interesting and useful information, which the region's librarians derived from the speech of G.B. Beisembaeva.

After a short break for a coffee break, the psychologist of the Prevention and Socio-Psychological Care Section of Karaganda Polyclinic # 3, Karybaeva Svetlana Khristoforovna revealed the secrets of the "art of professional listening". Listening is a special talent. Professional listening promotes joint effective activity, because, feeling sincere disposition to yourself, a person begins to respect his partner and is ready to cooperate with him.

On-line inclusion of the Kurgan Regional Youth Library, Kurgan (Russia), accompanied the report of the psychologist Olga Taplya Alexandrovna "Library + psychologist = excellent result", which concerned the accumulated experience of the psychological service of the KRJL for twenty years. Psychological counseling, correction-developing sessions, trainings, relaxation sessions in the cabinet of "health and good mood", participation in the work of clubs and project activities, methodical and publishing work - the psychologist KRJL shared all this with the participants of the seminar. The report was held against the backdrop of a photo presentation.

Murzatayeva Bakhyt Kazbekovna, the head of the department of youth services shared her experience in carrying out measures of local lore nature. The report was accompanied by a colorful presentation. Particularly interested in the participants of the seminar was the story about the youth book held within the framework of the last week, the local history quest "Where? Where? In Karaganda!".

The head of the innovative and methodical department, Aldongarov Gulnar Mukhtarovna, presented the press digest "The Path to Mastery", describing where and on what websites and on what information portals, under inadequate funding, the need for librarians in professional periodicals can be filled. The press digest was accompanied by a presentation containing a list of sites and databases that were mentioned in the speech.

In conclusion, a "Book Auction" was held, an event in which each participant had to present one previously read book so that the attendees had a desire to read it. The one who gets the most votes wins. In the Book Auction, six librarians participated:

- CLS of Temirtau, Petrukhina Nadezhda Alekseevna - Dale Carnegie "Whims of luck",

- Saransk CLS, Tatyana Pankratova - Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrova "Қамар сұлу";

- Centralized Library System of the Shetsky District, Amangeldin Berikbol Dauletovich - Mukhtar Makhauin "Бір атаның балалары";

- Abay CLS, Bakirova Sabina Rishatovna - Haruki Murakami "South of the border, west from the sun";

- Bukharzhyrauskaya CLS, Masalova Maria Nikolaevna - Sain Muratbekov "Smell of Artemisia";

- Nurinskaya CLS Nurtazina Svetlana Romanovna - Sydney Sheldon "Intrigant".

The voting was won by the bookrikler based on the book by Mkhtar Makhauin "Бір атаның балалары", the Centralized Library System of the Shetsky District.

This form, it can be said, was successfully tested at the seminar, and, after receiving a positive evaluation of participants, was recommended as an interesting and creative form of reading management.

During the whole seminar an open dialogue was held between colleagues. Librarians talked about problems, suggested ways to solve

 them. After the on-line inclusion of the Kurgan Regional Junior Library and the speeches of psychologist Olga Taplya Alexandrovna, the seminar participants said that they liked the idea of ​​having a professional psychologist in the library. But in order to realize this idea, many issues and tasks must be solved, among which are, for example, how and by whom the methodological guidance of the work of the psychologist, the personnel problem will be implemented. The moderator of the seminar Volkova ON, offered to receive a consultation in the KRJL, since the psychologist in the staff of the Kurgan library has been present for twenty years. Thus, we will continue our communication with the Kurgan Regional Junior Library, especially since the international cooperation of the two youth libraries has been successfully established.

At the end of the event, all participants received certificates, letters of appreciation, as well as handouts on the topic of the seminar.