On June 14, in the courtyard of the regional children's clinical hospital, in order to promote reading, the formation of a positive attitude to reading and the book among the younger generation, the propaganda of local history literature about the history, culture of our country, ensuring access to information, the opening of the traditional summer reading room under the open sky «Сенің рухани қазынаңның қайнар бұлағы – кітап!».

The event, which was prepared jointly by several departments of the library, launched the opening of the summer reading-room season. The names and themes of the exhibitions and reviews presented to the readers were reflected in the festive date widely celebrated by the Republic of Kazakhstan this year - the 20th anniversary of the capital of Astana.

During the entire work of the reading room, library staff conducted a variety of quizzes with the audience, distributed booklets and bookmarks with emoticons. All those wishing to take advantage of the services of the library were immediately put on the site for free in the library.